My mind closing dance with the naturist!

Right to start off, remember I’m British and although I like to think of myself as liberal, open minded and not easily offended, I do still seemingly carry around a slightly naive and innocent view when it comes to such things as nudity!


Before heading out to Aio Wira, A retreat in the wilderness in Auckland, Newzealand, I knew there would be a very relaxed, hippy vibe to the place. I was there to work and expected the usual array of friendly faces, coming together to get the work done, pleasant social exchanges of an evening and I was even vaguely aware that there will most likely be the option to try being nuddy in public for the very first time!

Although I hadn’t thought much about this either way, I figured I was mature enough and chilled enough to either join in, or ignore the nakedness if I wasn’t feeling it myself, I intended to go with the flow, see how I felt and be liberated god-damn!

What happened though was altogether un-liberating and has closed my mind to such things! I know this is probably just a bad example, a bad experience and I shouldn’t let it taint my future ideas towards this increasingly popular…Um…Exhibition of ones self! Anyway on my first day here a fellow German helper kindly asked if I would like to go for a walk to the river. Innocent enough right? Nice stroll with the father age, friendly German man. I should go, be polite and partake in the walking!

Well upon arriving at a certain point at the river, he asked if I would like to swim, It was cold and I didn’t but politely said I’d wait here for him on the bank, so I sat, watching the water, all at ease. Even took off my jumper to catch the few rays of sun starting to show through the clouds and then…
Something changed…The atmosphere felt a little strained, and I heard” oh you have a nice body, I can tell you workout” so I’m like OK, its a compliment. Take it, its just a compliment. It sounds a little pervy but maybe its just his accent. So I turn around to thank him and BAM…Penis right there! He’s standing, I’m sitting…Well it brought a whole new meaning to the words ‘in your face’!

I was a little surprised but quickly dismissed it, keeping my cool I turned back around and averted y gaze. Oh boy did I avert my gaze! I have to say it was the least attractive member I have ever seen, but then in fairness I have only ever looked upon them in a sexy frame of mind before, this penis viewing in broad daylight and in a non sexual manner(for me) was very strange! And then.. He doesn’t even swim, oh no he goes in and then walks about in the shallows flopping it around all over the place whilst trying to make conversation so I’d have to look…Well I never!

This episode was followed up with a couple of days of excessive compliments in a manner which I could only take as slightly pervy. Still I thought, I am probably being prude, I should give him chance to just be a nice man…non naked! We shall stay away from the river! The next day as I worked out he came in asking if he could join in…Um…well, OK! And then proceeded to make what I can only assume is his sex face at me whilst making appreciative noises and telling me “this is goooood yvar?” Um, no! This was not good for me!

And THEN, still trying not to judge and be nice, I went to walk to the car with him. He’d asked if id go with hi to collect it, its a nice walk he said! What he didn’t say was that it was past the river, and oh yes you’ve guessed it, there he goes again. Birthday suit, waving it all about, by god I thought, I’ve been tricked!! Well not again!

Until today that is, I thought we would be safe seen as it was myself, said helper and another helper Markos who was more along my lines of modesty and we were all going out to a rather public lake and waterfalls. After reaching the top pool of the waterfalls, there was a lovely young couple enjoying some togetherness at the top of the falls, Markos and myself climbed up to explore and I hear “oh! What the, oh no…lets go” and I know what’s happening, I turn just in time to see our lovely nudist emerging from behind the bushes smack bang in front of this couple. I swear its an obsession for this guy, I mean does being nudist mean you HAVE to be nude at every opportunity, even in non nudist places??

Does it mean you continually do it around people who are clearly not comfortable with it?
So all nudists constantly compliment each other all the time?? The amount of comments about my body and how I should swim or do the yoga in my bikini, I am just left feeling naked even with all my clothes on! It is by far the most uncomfortable I have been in as far as I can remember.

Is there not some sort of etiquette for such things and being too ‘in your face’? Like a religion, I kind of feel its one of those things, each to their own but exactly that…Your own, or people of the same inclination…Its just good manners not to force people to bear witness, surely?

And the worst bit of all??? This is the last penis I saw, and the last one I will be seeing in quite a while, I can’t erase the image and I wont even get to replace it with a nice one, one I wanted to see, one I felt good about! Its all tainted now! Ha ha ha. I am scared for ever…Or until I WILLINGLY come into contact with more male anatomy to wipe the memories!

Now I’m aware this is probably a bad experience with someone whom I obviously don’t connect well with, but It leaves me wondering if I am not too prude for such things after all? Am I too reserved to be the free, fun-loving hippy I envision myself to be?

I am left more confused than ever with regards to my feeling on naturalists and participation or witnessing!

The whole thing was certainly an eye opener and a mind closer for me!


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19 responses to “My mind closing dance with the naturist!

  1. grasseynoel

    I am sad that you had this horrible experience with this “nudist”. It is unfortunate that, as with most parts of society, this man was a regrettable exception to those of us who also known as nudists (or naturists). Can I assure you that 99% of those who practice naturism (nudism) are not exhibitionist and that our belief that the naked human body is far more than a sexual outlet. Can I point you towards some excellent websites that hopefully bring you to a better understanding of where we stand and the ethics of our lifetyle choice.
    Young British Naturists –
    Naturists Living podcast –
    A female blog journey –

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  2. First off, this man was not a nudist. He is the kind of individual most US resorts toss out. Perv is what we call him. For nudists, it is NOT all about sex. It is all about the freedom. To be so “in your face” is just plain rude. On behalf of all nudists and naturists every where, I apologize.

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    • Thanks, I did wonder if it was really always like that or not. Glad to hear its not 🙂


      • It NEVER is like that at any reputable nudist/naturist venue. Your story, if accurate, is a rarity and shouldn’t be considered to be anything close to the norm.

        You undoubtedly have been soured on the whole thing and nothing will convince you to try again, and any inclination you may have had to experience this wholesome and comfortable lifestyle as it should be has likely been utterly destroyed.

        That’s a shame, and one of the reasons we founded our website years ago; to introduce newcomers to the RIGHT way most folks enjoy social nudism and to make clear that these exceptions are exposed for wht they are: perverts invading that which should be a sanctuary.

        Please note that Aio Wira is a relatively unknown place with an unusual agenda and no affiliation with any legitimate naturist organization, plus offers a somewhat unusual interpretation of social nudism. We know nothing about them other than the scant info they offer on their website.

        This is why we always advise everyone to fully investigate ANY venue they may attend to make sure they’y know what they’re getting into.

        If you go to our website you will find that we have NO tolerance for any venue which does not support mainstream social nudist behavior and philosophy. Just because they’re vegan yogis doesn’t mean that they know ANYTHING about naturist philosophy.


      • Agreed, Aio Wira is actually an incredible place but its not specifically nudist or not nudist and i guess that means it opens it up to people like this guy and people like myself coming into contact when we usually wouldn’t, in a place where there are no rules either way for it or for the practices of nudity so he was free to behave however and i didn’t know it wasn’t meant to be like that.

        I think i am as well particularly sensitive as its my first experience with such a thing and his mannerisms were quite forward, always talking about sex asking if your having computer sex when your online or if you like phone sex, always making references and commenting on my appearance. That obviously made e feel more uncomfortable. I think the general nudity would have been fine if he hadn’t mentioned sex every 2 minutes.

        I won’t tar every nudist with the same brush, i dont judge everyone by one experience but it might just take me some time to get back to a place where i fancy trying it myself.

        I just wanted to make it clear Aio Wira does’t come off this way, from what ive seen and heard from other people its a respectful place. Maybe it was just an anomoly and as i didn’t say anything… nobody knew i was uncomfortable. I have learned a few valuable lessons from it all anyway 🙂 Thanks for clearing up a few issues with me.

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      • You’re very welcome, Kirsty. You shouldn’t have to had had to say anything to someone about his rude behavior, but had you done so he might have been kicked out immediately.

        His was inappropriate behaviour at ANY time and he deserved a good slap in the face, at least! Gentlemen, nudist or not, do not address a woman in such a manner.


      • Yes you are right of course. I think the problem was less with nudity and more wit personality. I have just written a new blog going into this a little deeper and..yes..i got naked! By myself but still, it was a step, for me! ha ha

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      • The longest journey begins with a single step! Happy travels to you!

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      • Be sure to let us know when you post nudist/naturist articles so we can promo them, ok? Easiest way is a message to our FB Page:


      • Okie doke i shall 🙂 As i said i posted a new one yesterday

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      • ‘Yesterday’ is somewhat elusive since your posts aren’t dated. That’s ok, we’ll just follow you on our old WordPress site and keep an eye out!


      • Ah ok, sorry i thought they came up dates or could be found in date sequence on my blog. I obvs dont get quite how this works yet ha ha her is a link:

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      • Oddly enough, your posts ARE dated now! Beats me…


      • Ha ha, wordpress are clearly trying to confuse you…and me! 😉

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      • WP is a great platform that we used for years before trying out some others. We disliked the unwanted ads that WP and Google puts in posts (and our inability to control their content), plus the inability to offer our own ads (which became important years later).

        You’re doing good, and it might be time to check out GoDaddy to reserve your .com for future use! Cheap to buy and hold, $100 or so /year to operate as a full .com website AND you can continue to use WP. At least, consider owning your .com name NOW for cheap so it’s there if you ever want it!

        Otherwise, WP is a great place to start, easy to use after a few years of learning, and FAR better than Blogger! We’re currently using a paid version of Weebly, a very easy site builder which offers both free and paid versions.

        We recommend WordPress or Weebly to newcomers as both are about as easy to use as it gets yet both (free) can provide a very professional site for those who don’t know what they’re doing! 🙂

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      • If you should have any questions about how to use WordPress, or questions about how to make things happen, we suggest that you Google your questions rather than try to sift through WP’s ‘help’ or forum pages.

        Years of experience with WP has taught us that!.

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  3. That sounds like a strange place! I don’t mind people looking at me but I would hate for someone to be forced to look and as for compliments, they were probably with the best intentions but if you were uncomfortable their intentions were invalid. As per some of the above comments no legitimate nudist places, sauna’s or spas I’ve ever been are like this!


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