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Best birthday present ever…Helium and parents!! Hilarious, every time!

This has to be the best video i have, every time i watch it it makes me laughh and laugh so once again here i am sharing the laughter!

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Is there anything more joyous than watching cats do cat stuff??

I love cats, this clip litterally made me belly laugh!   So here it is, i am sharing the joy 🙂

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Do I even have an IQ?, Its moments like these I wonder how I’ve managed to keep myself alive all these years!

Typical Kirst moment driving home from work with the fella the other day.
Were sitting in the car, there’s traffic, I’m gazing around in my own little Kirst world and we come to a stop behind a car which has a sign on the back.

Now here, I decide to exclaim: Oh look that car says to wed, I wonder if its a wedding car, doesn’t look like one, there’s no decoration and its dirty…

At which point my boyfriend tells me its TOWED the car is being towed.

Oooooohhh! Ha ha ha, and I laughed and laughed all the way home!
I have a surprisingly high amount of these ‘golden’ moments 🙂


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