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5 Regrets From People On Their Deathbeds, Revealed By A Nurse

I had to share this, Its so true.  Too many of us go through life living as expected, by means we see as socially acceptable, performing rituals passed on through family, teachers, peers… but really the only person who has to live with your life is you.  You are the only person you need to answer to on your deathbed!   You must let go of these guidelines for life we feel we must abide by to be seen as a success and do the things that will fill our lives with positivity, experience and powerful emotions.   THIS is the true sucess of life, to live, love, laugh, do the things that add life to our years and memoories for our old age 😉


Whatever floats your boat, do it whilst your still seaworthy!


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via 5 Regrets From People On Their Deathbeds, Revealed By A Nurse.

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Best birthday present ever…Helium and parents!! Hilarious, every time!

This has to be the best video i have, every time i watch it it makes me laughh and laugh so once again here i am sharing the laughter!

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Is there anything more joyous than watching cats do cat stuff??

I love cats, this clip litterally made me belly laugh!   So here it is, i am sharing the joy 🙂

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